CompuStar Remote Start (Using Factory Remote)

If you purchased your vehicle in the last 10-15 years, you most likely received a remote key fob with your vehicle purchase. Early on, this remote simply locked and unlocked your doors. These days, we can program some of these remotes to also perform remote start capabilities.
This remote start system requires a Compustar Remote Start.
Range Based On Factory Remote
Uses your factory remote to send the start signal to your vehicle.
Remote Start
Hold down the main button or push main lock button 3 times to start the vehicle from your factory remote.
Diesel-Engine Ready
This remote starter can be safely installed onto a diesel-engine vehicle.
Push-to-Start Ready
Compustar remote starters are compatible with push-to-start vehicles.
DroneMobile Ready (Requires Additional Parts)
Pair this system with a DroneMobile module to add smartphone control and GPS tracking.

Pricing and Features Vary Per Vehicle

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