6 Months or 12 Months Same as Cash Financing

Lucky’s Autosports strategic partnership with Cumberland Financial makes it easier than ever before to define your ride! Qualified purchases can receive 6 months same as cash (purchases over $999). Now, a new set of wheels and tires or that audio system you have always wanted is within your reach!

Here is How It Works

Step 1

Fill Out the Application Form Below

Step 2

Receive Initial Approval from Lucky’s

Step 3

Bring License & Pay Stub to Lucky’s

Step 4

Order Parts & Schedule Install Appointment

  • You may also download and print a copy of the application if needed.
  • Documents Required: Valid driver’s license or ID, most recent pay stub.
  • We do not post any financial information or docs online anywhere.

Cumberland Financial Services Application

153 Patchen Drive, Suite 53
Lexington, KY 41301

Please fill out the form below to submit your application.

  • Applicant Employer Information

  • Co-Applicant Information

    Fill out this section if you have a co-applicant for your financing.
  • Credit References

    Fill out the section below for credit references. This includes utility bills, cell phone bills, credit cards, etc.
  • Personal References

    Fill out the section below for personal references. This must be four relatives or contacts not living with you.
  • Applicant Signature Approval

    I fully Understand that by signing I am applying for a loan to purchase the item noted below. I also understand that the item is not warranted by the loaning institution, and I will be fully responsible for the amount of the loan.