Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Mobile video is a fun, viable and sometimes necessary option for your vehicle’s in-car entertainment. Many newer SUVs and minivans come factory equipped with video components, but Lucky’s Autosports can retrofit your car or sport utility vehicle with headrest TVs, visor TVs, drop-down TVs, gaming systems, back up cameras and more. Just imagine on long road trip vacations! You could keep the kids entertained for hours as they listen through headphones while you play the music of your choice on the radio.


Backseat video systems can entertain passengers with DVD and gaming systems through headrest or drop-down monitors and headphones.


Mobile video systems have the ability to connect navigation systems and back up rear cameras to the system increasing safety while driving.

The Wow Factor

Impress your friends and passengers with the wow factor of a retractable in-dash DVD player with moving graphics connected to TVs in your visors.

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